Career Service Center (CSC)

Finding a job in the field of the arts is ever getting more difficult even with the best possible education. So, if this job is not some sort of vocation it should be at least a way to get satisfaction in your professional life. On the one hand, self-marketing capabilities always become more important. On the other hand, your bank will not give you any money if you haven’t already put some money away, and you will not be booked for any performances if you do not already have a name in the arts. It is really a lot of vicious circles which keep plaguing young artists and academics (and some aged ones, too).

The > Career Service Center of KUG is no job center but it is supposed to create possibilities to support our students on a path of trial and tribulation. It shall give an impetus to careers which should help our students to find their way and shape their professional skills.

The > Homepage of the CSC (online as from mid March 2009) provides information about competitions, courses, prizes and awards, impresario services for musicians and also a job fair. All these services are updated daily and reflect always the latest offers.

Information about competitions is classified according to instruments, and details about individual scholarships including online application forms (if available) are categorized according to target groups in dependence of conditions for application (in most cases nationality and/or progress of studies). The latest promotion programs with regard to deadlines can be found also at “What’s new”.
In the framework of impresario services it is possible now to present your ensemble and audio samples to potential customers via Internet. In order to make this highly positive career-promoting program known to all students billboards about the program “Musicians Wanted” have been posted since summer term 2008. Do not miss a chance to perform in front of an audience and take the opportunity to present your ensemble to a large audience. Contact: musikvermittlung(at) or call  0316/389-3044  (Mr. Silvio Rether)

In order to promote young talents, to improve cooperation and to realize synergy effects, cooperation projects with local music schools shall be launched and supported as from 2008/09. By invitation of music school principals it is planned to organize in Styrian municipalities big band concerts, orchestra concerts and mixed concerts with students of music education, voice and instruments, and students of music schools with the support of KUG teachers.

On the one hand, these projects are supposed to help ameliorating the basis of communication between KUG and music schools and, as a consequence, to find highly talented local musicians (in this context, the CSC has developed also a scholarship system for courses for highly talented students). On the other hand, they aim at the improvement of cultural cooperation between major music schools and our students. For example, this can be realized in the form of orchestra concerts worked out and conducted by KUG students of conducting/orchestra conducting.

In order to be able to offer you all these services, it must be possible to get in touch with you easily. So, also in the interest of our environment and to avoid loads of paper this information, which is so important for you, will be sent out just by e-mail. Therefore, have an occasional look at your mailbox at firstname.secondname(at) It would be really a pity if you missed the chance of your life by not reading your e-mails in good time.

Please never ever forget why you came to us, viz. to shape your personality as an artist, to learn a trade in order to profile it as the unique expression of your personality and to make it art. The high claim on excellence of studies of the arts may soon make you try to give your best to comply with the many expectations we have of our students but also makes you forget that this can only be a first basis.

Your Career Service Center team

Lydia Batiza, Lisa Pogatetz, Silvio Rether, Eike Straub