ÖH – Austrian National Union of Students

The Austrian national union of students represents the matters of concern and interests of students with regard to the university and official authorities (and, in particular, with regard to the Ministry of Science). It provides the necessary infrastructure and legal know-how required not only to solve the problems of individual students but also to push through general requests and matters of concern of students as regards the authorities.
Students have a right to a say in the individual bodies of the university which must be taken seriously. They take part in the committee for post-doctoral qualification, in the syllabus committee, and in the senate, the supreme organ of the university apart from the rector. These bodies provide equal representation. Students, therefore, have also a profound effect on the agenda of the university when it comes to their interests. However, this will be possible just if content-related impulses are given by students. The Act on the Austrian national union of students (HSG) governs the work of the union of students, and the respective statutes and the electoral law determine the legal framework, as well.

The national union of students invites all interested students to join our team of student advisors. In return, we are offering you comprehensive training, valuable background information, and we provide you with the necessary infrastructure allowing you to fulfill your tasks as a legally appointed student representative successfully in the interest of students.

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