Institute 10 - Opera

Foto: KUG/Wenzel

Music drama education (music and acting) at KUG’s Institute of Music Drama is strictly practice-oriented and is organized in two stages:

1. Basic training which focuses on the main aspects of musical stylistics and arrangement, physical technique, organic combination of singing and acting, and play-related dialog recitation.

2. Elaboration and performance of important works of music drama from the early beginnings until the present day.

For several projects, the Institute of Music Drama cooperates closely with other institutes: with the Institute of Composition, Theory of Music, History of Music and Conducting; with the Institutes of Instrumental Studies, of Music Education, of Voice, Lied, Oratorio, of Stage Design, of Ethnomusicology, of Electronic Music and Acoustics; and with the Institute of Musicology of the KFUG.

Fields of Study

  • Voice
  • Postgraduate Universitätslehrgänge